This game is all about collecting food in an infinitely scrolling maze. Try to avoid the enemies while collecting all the food before it is lost. There are many cosmetic upgrades to collect, try to get them all! And also try to secure a spot on our global leaderboard.

Bart's Eggs

In this game you control a fun character named Bart. The goal of the game is to eat as many white eggs, while avoiding red eggs. Sometimes, blue eggs and gold eggs can spawn to help you out. See how long you can keep Bart alive before he is poisoned by the red eggs, and try to claim a spot on our global leaderboard.

Add n' Blast

Add n' Blast is a live puzzle. You must match blocks of the same color so that they merge, and then get points by blowing up a row. If you're lucky, you might just have an extra golden bomb that you can use to save yourself. Give this game a couple tries, learn the strategies, become a master, and maybe you could find yourself up on our global leaderboard.


Welcome to Billy's birthday party, where saving a balloon means life or death. Try to keep the balloon off the ground for as long as possible, and avoid the many dangerous traps that appear. Keep many balloons alive to get a higher score. Get some practice and you can beat your own highscore, and even get on the global leaderboard.

Leaf Me Alone

It's fall again, and those pesky trees are filling your yard with leaves. It is your job to clear off your yard before it becomes impossible to walk through. Make sure to avoid the falling logs, and use as many power-ups as possible. Keep playing to try to beat your highscore, and you could claim a spot on our global leaderboard.

More Coming Soon